Urban Data Meetup: Diving Deeper with Construction Vision

Avvir is excited to host the next Urban Data Meetup. This session will discuss how machine learning and computer vision are used to create digital replicas of buildings under construction.

We’ll be providing an overview of what Avvir does and lead an in-depth discussion of our technology including our computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

We will cover how those techniques are used to catch construction mistakes, automatically update a Building Information Model, and monitor construction progress. Join us for a fun and informative evening.

About Avvir.io
Avvir is a Construction Technology company and our Mission is to be the system of record for buildings. We know that the digitization of buildings is happening and that it will fundamentally change the way humanity interacts with the built environment. We envision buildings, and everything inside them, represented by digital twins. These digital replicas will represent not just an asset’s geometry, but every aspect of it, enabling complete knowledge of a building at any time. We want to be at the forefront of this digitization revolution and think the best way to do that is by starting to build those digital twins while the building is built: during construction.

Raffi Holzer, CEO

Cody Phillips, Head of Machine Learning

This Meetup is brought to you by the Grid, an Urbantech NYC initiative, and it’s supporting members the Urban Future Lab, CIV:LAB and the NYCEDC.