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29 Norman Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222 United States

Sustainable Buildings Through Parametric Design

Learn how parametric design can pave the way to carbon-neutral buildings with Sandeep Ahuja, Founder and CEO of URBAN-X Cohort 06 company, Cove.Tool. Ahuja will demonstrate and share her results on how cutting-edge, user-friendly software integrates performance into design thinking. 

Building operations contribute to 40% of U.S. carbon emissions and there is often a disconnect between climate change and action in architecture practices. Most other economic sectors have rapidly adopted data-driven tools and processes to achieve sustainability targets but architects have been slow to embrace technology to make better decisions. With the consultant or firm specialist model being used by most firms, only 55% of projects are modeled for energy efficiency.

Parametric design is a process based on algorithmic thinking that enables the expression of parameters and rules that, together, define, encode and clarify the relationship between design intent and design response.

This event is in partnership with Urban Data Meetup. 


Sandeep Ahuja

Founder and CEO of cove.tool 

Sandeep Ahuja, co-founder of cove.tool, brings her experience of building a successful sustainability consulting firm Pattern r+d (the consulting arm of cove.tool). Most recently, Sandeep presented at the UN environment assembly, with 1500 global delegates, on the impact of buildings on climate change, showcased at the Tedx Atlanta, won the Atlanta Startup Battle and a 30 under 30 award for developing cove.tool, the automated sustainability consultant. 

Multiple publications have written about Sandeep’s impact in the AEC industry including Architect magazine, Tech Crunch, Site Selection, ArchDaily and more. With her desire to bring automation into the AEC world, she is pioneering the integration of building performance into the design and construction process by developing and using intelligent technology and software.


cove.tool is redefining energy modeling and parametric optimization by building smarter, more accurate models in a tenth of the time. Using automation for tedious tasks cuts time and cost, leaving the creative part to the design team. The smart software learns everything about a project’s sustainability goals so the custom cove.tool results can help architects, engineers, contractors and owners meet their targets.