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Center for Urban Science + Progress
370 Jay St, 12th floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States

Making Data Work for Government

Governments everywhere face a skills gap. The opportunity offered by modern data analytics is growing faster than governments can train their personnel on these powerful methods. The White House, Congress, and many others have recognized addressing this skills gap as a critical step to increasing the prevalence and quality of data-driven decision making in government.

The Administrative Data Research Facility was formed to provide a secure environment for interlinking confidential federal, state, local, and other data. But providing the tools has never been enough – we also invest heavily in upskilling government officials’ skills so they can take advantage of new methods and tools. The training programs explore domain specific questions using real-world, confidential datasets on individuals. The trainings have been delivered to over 270 government staff and researchers.

The initial focus of the trainings was the link between the labor market and Criminal Justice and high need populations. That focus was expanded to include education and labor market links in subsequent classes. We would like your input about the next foci.

This event will provide a demonstration of the ADRF’s approach, tools, and existing projects followed by an interactive session soliciting attendees’ ideas on which domains are ripe for data explorations next.