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NYU Center for Urban Science + Progress
Seminar Room (Rm 1201), 370 Jay St., (12th Fl)
Brooklyn, NY 11201 United States

Building an Amazon.com for Data: Interacting with a New Data Tool

– Researchers and analysts who want to use data for evidence and policy cannot easily find out who else worked with the data, on what topics and with what results. As a result, good research is underused, great data go undiscovered and are undervalued, and time and resources are wasted redoing empirical work.

– Our vision is to build an Amazon.com for data. We invited data science teams to compete against each other to develop an algorithm capable of detecting mentions of datasets in publication text and associate further information with these mentions. We are now challenging the data science community to validate the results of the competition.

– The interactive presentation will demo the results and ask the audience to provide feedback.

Presenter: Julia Ingrid Lane, Professor at NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service, runs the Administrative Data Research Facility, where she pushes the boundaries of cutting-edge data science for the benefit of governments and researchers everywhere.