• Good Goods (map)
  • 121 Prince Street
  • New York, NY, 10012
  • United States

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The urban mix has become mixed-up as retailers fear extinction at the hands of Amazon, hotels are being redesigned to feel like living rooms — or are living rooms courtesy of AirBnB — while knowledge workers are setting up shop in coworking spaces, restaurants and public places — anywhere but the office. What does it mean for cities when old paradigms such as the office tower, department store, factory, and park fall by the wayside or blur together? What are the opportunities and challenges when pop-ups proliferate because no one can meet the landlords’ asking price? When cafes prove more appealing than cubicles, and parks are more than the sum of their playgrounds?

Moderated by Greg Lindsay, writer, futurist and Urbanist-in-Residence at URBAN-X.

Featured panelists:

Eric Ho, CEO of Good Goods

Preston Pesek, CEO of Spacious

Shin-pei Tsay, Executive Director at Gehl Institute

This event is located at Good Goods' store in SOHO. We will "open doors" at 6:30PM and the discussion will start at 6:50PM. Drinks and appetizers will be served.